07 June 2017

A Hectic Few

We got word on Monday that Lauren was going to be hospitalized for complications with kidney stones. She ended up having surgery on Monday night and so early Tuesday, we were scrambling to book a flight for Cindi to NC. We were able to get her on a midday flight and so she arrived in the evening. Thanks be to God that Michaela had been out for a visit. She has been a massive help to Lauren and Dean in this frantic time. We're hoping that Lauren will be able to come home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Dave had his scheduled surgery today, his second shoulder surgery. He’s also home now and doing well. Huge thank you to Bekah for fixing our traditional “Wednesday breakfast” (for supper), so we literally walked through the door and sat at table and ate. Got Dave back home and he was wiped and heading to bed.

What a joy to be able to work even in the hospital. Pulled out my trusty iPad Pro, linked through my phone, and we were off to the races. Chapel announcements for week of 6/19 were drafted. Fired up the Virtual Machine and saved them to the Synod’s drive. Fixed tomorrow’s chapel announcement that had become obsolete by recording a new and corrected one, dropping into a shared Dropbox and deleting the old one. Voila! Tomorrow's announcements will be correct. Caught up on a bit of email and even listened to a crazy podcast from Tim Ferriss. I also read a bit while I waited for Dave to get done on iOS 11 and let me tell, you from the standpoint of a productivity user on the iPad, that is going to be an amazing update. Can’t wait to play with Files. I wish it were all available as I am working on the bulletins for this summer’s Institute.

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