24 June 2017


Have become just about my favorite day of the week...on quiet weekends, at any rate. We got up this morning a tad before six, made bed, drank coffee as we prayed Treasury, went for a walk, facetimed with grandchildren in NC, exercised some, made breakfast and ate it on the deck (Saturday is about the only day that we DO eat breakfast in the early morning anymore), cleaned up dishes, brushed Lucy (how can one dog shed so much?) and threw her bedding in the wash (she's wandering around like a poor lost soul at the moment), vacuumed (again, how can one dog...), sprayed the Bermuda grass (hopeless task!), and made some iced tea. Cindi's tending to a few more outside chores. Still on the docket: more walks, time in the pool soaking up some rays, trying to burn up my stump in the back yard, and reading a bit more in a novel. The way our calendar has been lately, this is the first weekend in a long time that we've not been booked solid and I plan on enjoying every bit of it. Time to put on some tunes, I think and go look at that stump.


Nancy said...

Do you still reread "The Virgin in the Ice" and "The Nine Tailors" every year? I enjoyed "The Virgin in the Ice" but my copy of "The Nine Tailors" has print that is too hard on my eyes. Not worth getting a new version of it just for Lord Peter.

William Weedon said...

Nancy, I actually got rid of The Virgin in the Ice a month ago or so. The Nine Tailors I could never get rid of and reread it often, though I haven’t for the last year or two. I was thinking the other day about pulling it out again.

Nancy said...

Favorite books are such a comfort!