16 June 2017

Happy Day!

Woke up this morning about 3:30. Can't imagine why. Could it be that I'm a little bit excited that Cindi is coming back today? Could be! Just possible. 

We're absolutely weird how poorly we do apart from each other emotionally.  And each time we have an away time, I am absolutely blown away when I think about how singles and especially single parents handle it.

Was really wiped about doing the yards and fixing dinner last night, so didn't get to attend to the last minute stuff I wanted to. This morning, however, with some bullet-proof coffee in me and Treasury prayed, energy was not a problem. Wash thrown in; dusted; vacuumed; swept kitchen; even rearranged the fridge a bit (I'll probably get yelled at for that). Still need to do exercises, but there's plenty of time for that now.

Opened up a door or two for fresh air, but that fresh air is rather humid. Still, that way I can hear the birds sing their Matins, which I always love. Anyway, can't wait to see that smiling face again. May the Lord wing Cindi and Michaela safely and swiftly home!

Addendum: One of the DISADVANTAGES of being ahead of the game... I happily made up the coffee for tomorrow and set it ready to go. All taken care of. I didn't look at the time I did this. So, of course, it just ground some more and I'll have another fresh pot of coffee to finish, clean up and reset. Sigh. 

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Nancy said...

I bet you will be forgiven for moving things about in the frig.