10 June 2017

Personal Updates

I've had folks inquire since Thy Strong Word mentioned some health stuff with the family. Here's the scoop: eldest daughter, Lauren, had some emergency surgery last Monday to deal with kidney stones AND some more scheduled for this coming Monday. She's home and doing fine at the moment. We flew Cindi out last Tuesday to help with the kids (and thank God for Michaela just "happening" to be visiting!).

Meanwhile, Cindi's dad (who lives next door) had scheduled surgery for his rotator cuff. He is now home and mending.

God willing, Cindi will head home next Friday. Meanwhile, Lucy and I are keeping the home fires burning.

Been a great opportunity to check off things from the to do list: I konmaried some meat in the fridge that didn't smell quite right (what does that mean? It means you put it in a zip lock freezer bag and freeze it until trash day). Have learned that since "water and grease are the enemy" I've started always to wipe down the sink after every use. In the last few, I've cut both lawns, done laundry, vacuumed upstairs and down, dusted up and down, sanitized the kitchen counters, cleaned the tile around the fire place, watered our garden, Cindi's inside plants and Dave's outside plants, vacuumed the pool and put in new chlorine tabs, cleaned the tracks on the sliding door, swept and washed the kitchen floor (Amy's right: nothing beats doing this on your hands and knees), polished wood floors up and down, cooked several meals for Dave and me, done some basic nursing stuff, run some errands, researched and led hymn sing at the Issues' Making the Case Conference, practiced music for tonight and tomorrow for church (also playing next week). Well, at least Cindi will come home to a clean house more or less.

The longer I live the more convinced I become of the truth of God's Word: "It is not good that the man should be alone." Cin does all that and more at the drop of a hat. What is ironic is that I'd just had a nice week's vacation but it was very busy with almost no "alone time." I told Cindi: I just need some time by myself. Ugh. If I could recall words... I take it all back.


Nancy said...

Cindi will be very grateful for all you have accomplished while she was gone.
How old is Lucy?

William Weedon said...

Ah, the dog that just will not die. She's 14. An absolute nervous nelly. Had a stroke years ago that left her incapacitated and yet she still hobbles on. *I* will be grateful when she is back!

Nancy said...

I wasn't sure she had survived the stroke. Good for her. Give her a scratch on the belly for me. If it will stress her out then just say "Good dog".