23 August 2018

Now THIS Is Something

Any LCMS user with an iPad or iPhone should have!

Lutheran Service Book, TEXT edition. And so the ability to up the print size until you can read it comfortably. I never thought I'd see the day, but truth is that when I lead worship or preach anymore, I almost always do so exclusively from the iPad. I have the larger iPad Pro, and so just open two side-by-side windows. One has the stuff you see in the previous posting—reading, sermon, hymn, and prayer intentions for the litany. One used to have open my iBooks copy of the hymnal with the services and music.

But when I'm conducting the liturgy, I certainly do not need the music in front of me. From now on, it will be my TEXT edition that will be open. 

Kudos, CPH! Kudos yet once again!!!

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