02 August 2018

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

That is the way in which this mother serves me and us all with her own body. Really we all ought to be ashamed with all our hearts. For what are all the maids, servants, masters, mistresses, princes, kings, and monarchs on earth compared with the Virgin Mary, who was born of royal lineage, and withal became the mother of God, the noblest woman on earth? After Christ, she is the most precious jewel in all Christendom. And this noblest woman on earth is to serve me and us all by bearing this child and giving him to be our own! 
—Martin Luther, Homily for the Festival of Christ's Nativity, 1532 (HP III:216)

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Nathan said...

More old Lutheran quotes for the day! Recycling is divine, Pastor Weedon. : )