31 December 2018

Stuff that has made a real-life difference

I've been thinking a lot about this. I know I've written on some of it before, but for what it's worth, here are some things have had a hugely positive impact on our lives:

* Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University. First introduced to me by my good friend, Pr. Randy Asburry. It's astounding how simple it is, and how good it feels to be fiscally disciplined (and out of debt!). And if you really want to up the game, there's Mr. Money Mustache. 

* Treasury. It's been out for 10 years - and these days it seems like it's been around forever. Cin and I like to start the day at the kitchen table with buttered coffee (with cinnamon) in hand and the Treasury of Daily Prayer. How unthinkable to start the day without the Word, the wisdom of the ages, the song of the church, and prayer to God!

* Bodyweight exercises. Brad Wood's the fellow who first shared his routine on this with me. I've adapted it to myself, but it's so simple and I can do it quite literally anywhere. I've been known to sneak in a few pushups at the car dealership (waiting on some work to get done), at the airport, and of course in my living room. I've settled down to norm of 200 pushups Monday through Saturday (Sunday is rest day), and then two other days a week throwing in different stuff (pullups, dips, situps, kettlebells). I know that as I head down the stretch toward 60 I'm stronger than I was heading down the stretch to 50 and certainly at any time prior.

* Walking. It's not exercise. It is movement, of course, but it's mostly just head clearing. I love walking alone and I love walking with Cindi. Either way is great, silent or chatting. But walking is just my preferred way to move around.

* Standing. That is, at work! I love my standing desk. I go home each day quite refreshed, much better than when I SAT all day and came home exhausted. I know, it makes no sense to me either. But there you have it. 

* Konmari. This simple and beautiful method of evaluating your stuff is beyond par. We ended up keeping very little, but what we kept is all stuff that does indeed spark joy at every turn. Love it.

* Carnivory. That was our huge discovery this year. We both feel so much better on just meat, eggs, cheese, and fish. And the body composition difference is pronounced and fun. January is World Carnivore Month; why not give it a try and see how YOUR body reacts to a month of nothing but nourishing meat?

* Digital Minimalism. Think iPhone, iPad (for writing and such) and HomePod for music. 

* Audible and Podcasts. My commute has become my university classroom and library. I listen and learn and ponder. By the way, it was a Joe Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson that got me to give carnivory a try! And I got to know Peterson by listening to his book 12 Rules.

* Mindfulness. Check out the free app from Oak for this. I find that nothing prepares me to meet the day with calm and clarity like a bit of time breathing and decluttering the mind. The freedom to act and not merely react and to aid you in refusing to allow the urgent but ultimately unimportant to push out the non-urgent but important things of life.

* Stoicism. Things in your control; things not in your control. A binary gift for learning what to concern yourself about and how to free the mind from useless preoccupations. Also cold (think Wim Hoff); in general Monday to Saturday, the shower ends on cold for as long as I can take it. 

What about for you? Have you found stuff that has made a lasting difference for the good in your life? What was it?

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