09 September 2019


In truly one more delightful divine (and surreal) surprise in life, tonight I received a call from St. Paul's, Hamel to serve as an Assistant Pastor and Catechist. It is with great joy that I announce that I have accepted this call and look forward to serving (in a limited and part time capacity) in this new field of service, alongside of my work with Lutheran Public Radio. The installation service at St. Paul's has been set for the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, Sunday, September 29th, at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Join us if you can and may we all pray together: "Let Your holy angel be with me, that the evil foe may have no power over me."


Nancy said...

I must admit that I enjoyed your blog more when you were pastor at St. Paul's, before that lady died, was she your secretary? It wasn't the same after she passed, too sad. Anyway, congratulations! Enjoy your time at St. Paul's.

William Weedon said...

Nancy, more time to write then. I hope to post more now too. We’ll see. Marianne was such a special person to all of us at St. Paul’s. That was very, very hard. She was both secretary and organist and a bell ringer. She is still quite missed.

Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

This is just utterly perfect. I so wish I could be there.