14 May 2023

A very happy Mothers’ Day…

…to all the wonderful moms I’ve known. Particularly my own, Mildred Hume Mastin Weedon! She was a remarkable woman in so very many ways. I realized with shock today that in this picture of us together, SHE’S the same age I am now. Wow. How did that happen? She was a big old tease who, like all her family, loved to laugh! She poured out such love on all her children!

And then my “other” mom: Joanne DeVries, who was as much a good friend as a mom. We had so very much fun together across the years! 

Also to my wife, Cindi, who just continues to be THE super mom par excellence. 

To my two daughters and my daughter-in-law, each of whom approach motherhood in their own unique way, but in their different approaches each being a blessing to my sweet grandchildren.

To my sister, Marie (usually just called Sissy), who was like a second mom to me. I remember her and Jimmy picking up after the first day of kindergarten, just days before their marriage. Can’t even count the number of trips they took me on when I was little! 

To my “Church” moms: Mil Gerni (Burlington), Wilma Henke and Clara Wehrend (Hamel), all now deceased, but like my own mom, never forgotten!  Each of these ladies felt zero compunction about giving their pastor “a talking to” when they felt it was called for, and I remain grateful for them all!

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