22 May 2023

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

It is on God’s Word alone that we will one day be judged, so it must now guide our faith and life. If we allow it to light our path continually, we will not go astray. And if we have strayed from the path out of weakness, this light will always bring us back. Therefore, we must let the humble prayer of faithful Samuel be our prayer as well: “Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears.”—God Grant It!, p. 440. 

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Brian D said...

Hey Pastor Weedon! Commenting because I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your weekly spot on issues etc and especially this Law and gospel series and previously on the Creed! In the last episode when you gave Walther a hard time for critiquing Chrysostom - it immediately made me think of this Chrysostom quote I read recently on Phil. 3:9 “ And that I may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own, even that which is of the Law. If he who had righteousness, ran to this other righteousness because his own was nothing, how much rather ought they, who have it not, to run to Him? And he well said, a righteousness of my own, not that which I gained by labor and toil, but that which I found from grace. If then he who was so excellent is saved by grace, much more are you. For since it was likely they would say that the righteousness which comes from toil is the greater, he shows that it is dung in comparison with the other. For otherwise I, who was so excellent in it, would not have cast it away, and run to the other. But what is that other? That which is from the faith of God, i.e. it too is given by God. This is the righteousness of God; this is altogether a gift. And the gifts of God far exceed those worthless good deeds, which are due to our own diligence.” with his usage of dung and worthless good deeds for our own righteousness I thought this could have been straight out of Luther’s mouth 😂! I’m sure maybe you’ve seen this before but thought in case you haven’t - what a treasure of a great patriotic quote on our righteousness extra nos! Thanks for all the work you do.