16 August 2005

Patristic Quote for the Day

Okay, okay, so it's more like a LUTHERAN patristic quote for the day. But it's still great:

"O that blessed city of God, into which so many children, virgins, and martyrs have been received, where we will see for eternity apostles, apostles, prophets, patriarchs, and all the righteous who have believed in Christ, from Adam up to the last Christian on earth! We will see choirs of angels, and the most blessed Mother herself who is the noblest member of the mystical body, finally the only source of eternal joy for angels and humans, Jesus Christ the King of glory, and God who is all in all."- Urbanus Rhegius, Preaching the Reformation, p. 97

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Chris Jones said...

Reverend Father,

Don't be ashamed to number our Lutheran forebears among the Fathers. Bp Ware says that to say that there can be no more Fathers is to say that the Holy Spirit has abandoned the Church (which God forbid!). And if it is the Catholic faith that our Lutheran forebears were defending, then were they not Fathers, just like Athanasius or Maximus?