11 August 2005

Special Day

Today is the Day after St. Laurence, and 18 years ago on this day, our first child was born: Lauren Elizabeth. I can't believe how she's grown up. She's planning on attending Seward this fall and wants to be a Lutheran school teacher, and will be leaving home next week. Of course, she hasn't been living at home all summer. She's been a camp counselor at Wartburg. I'm missing her already and thinking that this turning kids loose is no fun! In any case, happy birthday, LEW! Your parents love you and are proud of you.

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Anonymous said...

My good friend and colleague, you do indeed have a beautiful daughter "inside and out!"

It is difficult to "turn them loose," but you don't ever do it totally.

And as they leave, and you grow older, you understand why our Father in heaven blesses, for the most part YOUNGER folks with the kids! :)

A blessed and happy day to all of you.

Fr. Edward Wolfe