18 August 2005

Sad Day

Well, it's a sad day in the Weedon household. Our oldest, Lauren, left for college early this morning. Her mom is driving her out to Concordia Seward because I have a wedding rehearsal Friday and a wedding Saturday. I think David, Bekah and I are all feeling a bit down. I can't believe it will be months before we see her again. But she is a very mature young lady and I am sure she will do well at school. We will hold her in our prayers each day.


Rev. Todd Peperkorn said...

Where will she be going to church?

William Weedon said...

Hopefully not the obvious; I've warned her: if it has contemporary worship, just find another place. You have some suggestions? I don't know what the campus worship is like, but when I was at Bronxville donkey years ago I didn't always attend Sunday worship at a congregation, relying instead on the campus Eucharist.

Rev. Todd Peperkorn said...

I would suggest calling Brent Kuhlman or Clint Poppe or one of the other good guys in Nebraska and ask them. I went to Staplehurst when I was at Seward years ago. Good church, by the book. FWIW, she should look up one of the computer science profs if she wants/needs a ride out there. Solid confessional guy named Kevin Potratz. He lives right across the street from campus, and could probably help her get setup with the right people to go to church.

Call me if you want more info.

Chaz said...

Kevin would definitely be a good person for Lauren to get to know.

I went to Staplehurst for awhile after I finally saw the light.

Places to avoid:
St. John, Seward
ULC, Lincoln

Beyond that, my info is too dated.

First Trinity, Beatrice is good, but it's also an hour drive. My friend Mark Rockenbach is there.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't replicate the beauty (as my picture will attest) or the presence of your daughter but I can bring you some nice hot crabs from Maryland when I come down on the 27th! Okay, so they'll be packed on ice, but you get the picture.

Hope your family adjusts during this time. God bless.

Anonymous said...

How about the church in milford?