20 August 2005

Patristic Quote for the Day

from the Preface to the Liturgy of St. Basil:
O You who are Being, Master, and Lord, God, almighty and adorable Father: it is truly fitting and right and worthy of the immensity of Your holiness that we praise You, sing to You, bless You, adore You, give thanks to You, glorify You who alone are truly God; that we offer You a spiritual worship with a repentant heart and a humble spirit, for it is You who granted us the favor of knowing Your truth. How could anyone tell Your might and sing the praises You deserve, or describe all Your marvels in all places and times, O Master of all, Lord of heaven and earth and of all creatures visible and invisible, who are enthroned upon a seat of glory, who plumb the depths, who are eternal, invisible, beyond comprehension and description and change, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the great God and Savior, the object of our hope!

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