22 May 2006

A few more Chrysologus gems

"He ascended into heaven." He ascended to bring us there, not to bring himself back, since he never left heaven. (Sermon #58, par. 8)

"In the forgiveness of sins." Gain for yourself the pardon coming from faith, since he is his own worst enemy who does not believe that he is given what the very generous Bestower of mercy promises in all kindness. (Sermon #58, On the Creed, par. 13)

"The forgiveness of sins." How can one who believes that the kingdom of heaven is given him not believe that sins are forgiven him? Heaven receives the innocent, not the guilty. For we believe that all sins must be forgiven us, because unless we are holy we cannot possess what is holy. (Sermon #62A, On the Creed, par. 12)

Pharisee, admit your sin, so that you might be able to come to the table of Christ; so that you might have Christ as your Bread, and he the Bread might be broken in forgiveness for your sins; so that Christ might become your Cup to be poured out in remission of your offenses. Pharisee, eat with sinners so that you can eat with Christ. Acknowledge that you are a sinner, so that Christ might eat with you. (Sermon 30, on Matt 9:9ff., par. 4)

Brothers, let us be sinners by our own admission, so that with Christ's forgiveness we may be sinners no more. (Sermon 30, on Matt 9:9ff, par. 5)


Anonymous said...

I particularly like that first one.


William Weedon said...

Naturally! But I included the many passages on forgiveness of sins because he is a quite striking witness to the centrality of forgiveness of sins - it's a theme he comes back to again and again. Not as a possibility, mind you, but as the gift of "the very generous Bestower of mercy."

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