20 May 2006

Patristic Quote for the Day

He receives sinners (Luke 15:2). They do not say: "He assumes" them. What was it that he who receives had lost? Whoever finds what he lost pardons faults, turns wrath into joy, and transforms grief into grace. He receives sinners. God receives sinners, but God does not allow those whom he receives to remain sinners. The approach of the sinner does no harm to God. God sanctifies the sinner who draws near to him. O Pharisee, Christ does not receive sins when he receives sinners, because God is the recipient not of the offense, but of the human being. So the Pharisee should not have been looking at the condition the sinners were in when they arrived, but at their condition upon their return. A case in point, let them see that Paul, whom they had sent as a persecutor, returned thereafter as a preacher. - St. Peter Chrysologus, Sermon 168 par. 3

[Note: a nice exposition of the oft-heard, "The Lord loves you just the way you are; and He loves you entirely too much to leave you that way!"]


Fr. Cota said...

Again, just beautiful. I'm surprised that this dear saint is not more well known. I just ordered this volume of sermons today. There are two other volumes of his sermons in the "Fathers of the Church" series, from what I could tell, but at least one of the others is out of print, which is sad. Here, there was a time when I thought that because I have the old 38 volume set of the Church Fathers, that I pretty much had it all. What an idiot!

William Weedon said...

I've got to get my own copy too, Shane. It's just too juicy. Wait till you see what I intend to post tomorrow!