30 May 2006

On Diet

My wife and I have been fans of Atkins ever since we used that diet to lose a whole person between us six years ago or so. But we let our diet slip this Easter - and one of the remarkable things is how SLUGGISH and icky we feel. Today we returned to Atkins in earnest and no joke: I'm already feeling better. I can't believe how much energy that way of eating gives. People sometimes worry about what Atkins does to the other measures of health besides weight. At least as far as Cindi and I are concerned, our doctors agree: Atkins works fabulously for us. All the indicators have been great the entire time we've been on the diet. To all the nay-sayers, I say: give Atkins a chance!

By the way, people sometimes wonder about snack food on Atkins. You know one of my favorites? You take a plate of pepperonis and microwave 2 minutes until crispy. Let cool a bit, and you've got some great pepperoni chips. Just perfect to wash down with you Mic Ultra! :)


Anonymous said...

Well you know how I feel about Atkins :)

That snack just sounds gross.


William Weedon said...

It's actually delicious. Seriously! You like bacon. It's not too different from crispy bacon. Just try it and THEN decide.

Wartburg said...

Atkins Died from his own Diet!
Too many of those monkey chips!
Charles Darwin used that Diet before he came up with the “missing link”!
I knew a customer once who told me he loves that Diet-He ate Bacon all Morning!
Please eat some French Food-They never give you enough!
By the way I found Darwin’s “missing link” one day in the Seafood Sausage I sell at work!
Good Stuff indeed,

ptmccain said...

Two words:

Whey protein

OK, two more:

Low fat

OK, yet two more:

Low sugar.

Oh, fine, another three:

Watch the carbs.

Works for me.

I do eat a lot of fruits and vegies too.

Oh, wait, I forgot the most important words for any successful diet [actually lifestyle change is the key]. I'm going to patent this, so don't steal this magic formula for weight loss and better health:


: )

Glad it's working. I know what you mean about the "icky" feeling. I get that when I don't exercise every day and when I eat junk. I feel high energy when I work out and eat very healthily. Gosh, it almost seems our bodies were designed to eat healthy foods, not processed garbage, and to exercise. Imagine that.

Larry said...

I don't have anything against Atkins, I suppose whatever gets you there is fine, but I think sooner or later we must learn to do as ptmccain has said, and learn to live and eat in a healthy way.
I've lost fifty pounds in five months, no particular diet. I just shyed away from fast food, high fat, high sugar, and excessive carbs, while exercising 30 minutes a day. I feel like a new person, and it has helped with my cronic back pain I've had three years.

William Weedon said...


Atkins died from a slip on the ice and a hit on the noggin. He also had heart difficuties, but not due to heart disease but to a parasitic infection of the heart he picked up when he was out of the country.


Chaz said...

EAST less...

Interesting typo.


Anonymous said...

Good thing you're not Eastern Orthodox.... too many fast days!
No meat for 40 days during Lent.
What would you eat?

William Weedon said...

Believe it or not, I know of Orthodox who do Atkins. The key to Atkins is not "meat" but upping "protein" while cutting down carbs.

Wartburg said...

Yes Pastor Weedon,
Greetings. Of course I know how he really fell asleep. I always tell people that who go on that Ape Diet. Anyway, good food is such a blessing-it's the utter lack of exercise that we all fight against that IS the real omission.I think our minds become dull and we forget the food battle we are also in as well.Fasting does cure.
Sal Pal