05 May 2006

Oh, and go figure

WHEN we get home (and the house had been completely locked up) there was dead bird in the kitchen with its head stuck under the stove. And it had obviously flown around a bit, if you take my drift. HOW on earth did that thing get in here??? [Please ignore any complaints from the wife about HER having to deal with it; I mean, it landed in the KITCHEN!]


Anonymous said...

Hey! I've known you to pick up a pot or two in your day. You've certainly done more in the kitchen than MY husband.

Since you didn't help your long-suffering wife, does that mean you get the doggie mess next time?


Anonymous said...

A tad off topic, but did you catch the news on Walt Wangerin and Jary Pelikan ?

Fr. Hank

William Weedon said...


When it comes to birds, I figure that it is definitely Cindi's domain. I don't do chicken or turkey - so why should I do blackbirds? If there were a COW in the kitchen, I'm sure I would have helped clean it up. : )

Fr. Hank,

That was very sad. The saints and angels are about to welcome to the song of the Lamb a great story teller and a great theologian. May the Lord bless them both and their families as they struggle towards the end. When it comes to Wangerin, I hope he remembers Lilly. That says it all. Again!

Much love!