06 December 2007

At Last!

It's been teasing us all afternoon. Now there's SOMETHING falling from the sky that you can see. Sweet!

Productive day, though a tad hectic. Men's Study at InnKeeper bright and early at 6:15. Then home to work on stuff. Managed to finish a homily for the Synod for 2 Epiphany (Life Sunday this year), and Sunday's homily, Sunday's Bible Class, memory sheets for the school through the beginning of January, and some running around. Proofed bulletin and messenger for Sunday. Edited some letters for Joanie. Now, in an hour and 15 minutes, we'll celebrate the Divine Service and commemorate St. Nicholas (provided folks show up in the snow, ice, whatever it is!), and then done for the day - I hope!

But not Cindi. SHE has choir. I wonder how that will go with the snow!


Unknown said...

Fr. Weedon,

I think you mean you finished the homily for 2 Advent and not 2 Epiphany. If the latter is the case (in addition to the former), I'd say you are an extraordinary planner. ;-)

Enjoy the commemoration of St.Nicholas.



William Weedon said...


The sermon for the Synod was for 2 Epiphany. I'm not sure when they'll get it up, but they produce resources for Life Sunday and post it on the website in advance.

I won't be using the homily - it uses the three year series, and we're a one-year series parish.

Unknown said...

oh, I see

I overlooked the detail in your entry. Mea culpa.

Thanks for the full explanation.
Pax :-)

Doorman-Priest said...

I've done Advent 2 and begun Epiphany. Can I see your Advent 2 in advance and I'll send you mine?

So it still snows in the U.S. Global worming seems to have curtailed that particular winter pleasure here.

Doorman-Priest said...

Global worming? Now there's an idea!

Anonymous said...

Only 1 Sunday after the Epiphany this year.

What is to be observed that day:

1) the 12-yr old Christ child
2) the Transfiguration
3) the BAPTISM OF OUR LORD on its proper day (the octave of the Epiphany)?

William Weedon said...


My homily was posted on the blog last night.


I believe the preferred practice is that we observed the octave of Epiphany, which is the Baptism, this year. Transfiguration can be transferred to a weekday, if it is desired to celebrate it (or observe it on the 6th of August - which is what most of Christendom does and also the Swedish Lutherans).

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing that there is no post about how you're a dingy just like your son.