16 December 2007

Despite the Snow

We still had services this weekend. 30 came out last night. 44 brave souls showed up for the early service. 82 came for late service. WAY down in numbers, but truthfully more than I expected given the conditions of the roads. There is something wonderful about a Gaudete swathed in snow! I hope some of it is still around for Lessons and Carols this Wednesday. A huge thank you to our trustees and Dave Steinmann for getting the parking lot open and ready for use so early this morning!


David said...

Eight inches here.

Seven last night, ten this morning. Both include my family and I.

Most of our members are elderly and do not live in Momence. You can't blame them for not going out.

Maria said...

Attendance was down here as well. Must have been the bitterly cold 60 degree weather...;-)

Doorman-Priest said...

"Thirty came."

I wish - and it doesn't snow here any more.

By the way did you see your woman booed by the 179 other national delegates at the climate change summit?

elephantschild said...

We didn't make it to our service, but we had bad drifting in our area and a 15 mile drive on two-lane roads. The town didn't get our street plowed until late in the morning.

Matins on the couch is better than spending the morning in the ditch. :)