20 December 2007

Plans for the Feast

Our plans, God willing, begin with opening of gifts on Christmas Eve morning (an expedient we adopted many years ago since the service schedule doesn't really permit much else), at which Cindi will serve up her famous Kringler. Then in the early afternoon we'll have a big brunch. We hope that Aunt Sandy will be up and about by then (she's a night owl) and join Jo and Dave and the Herberts and Weedons for Cindi's "pull out all the stops" breakfast. Then a quiet afternoon and preparation for the evening services.

At 6:30 on Christmas eve, the preservice music begins. Then at 7 p.m. is the Children's Service. As the children leave the church, they pick up a bag of goodies. Many folks then migrate over to the parsonage to visit and share good cheer until time rolls around for the Candle-light Divine Service. This starts at 11 and finishes up at midnight. This year, Seminarian Richard Rikli (former principal at Trinity-St. Paul) will be homilist. This quiet service in the late night is one of my favorites of the year. Cindi sings during distribution of the sacrament "O Holy Night" and the kids provide some special music too.

The main Christmas celebration takes place the next morning at 9:00 with the Divine Service for Christmas Day. Bell Choir and Adult Choir lead us in our celebration and adoration of the Word made Flesh, who comes to us still in the very body and blood He received from His mother Mary and in which our salvation was won. "Oh, come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!"

Christmas dinner may run up to 13, we're thinking. Jo's making roast beef, potatoes and gravy, and popovers. We're also serving a smoked turkey, cornbread, and assorted other goodies. Cindi informs me that no less than five desserts will grace the occasion: Cherry-peach pie, chocolate pie, apple pie, chocolate-almond cheesecake, and (low carb???) pecan pie. To be a Weedon means that PIE is the dessert of choice and should be served in overflowing abundance!

Aunt Sandy and her former husband, Lucky, will be joining us, together with their son Russell and his wife Kayla. Also Dave and Jo, the Weedon clan, and Dean and Lauren Herberts. Looking forward to it a great deal, and hope that all of you have a joyous and blessed festival of the Lord's Nativity also!


Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon,

May the blessings of the Holy Child of Bethlehem grace your home and congregation at this joyous time.

Any chance that Lucy will have some bells on her collar ?? Do you think she could ring them out to "Stille Nacht" ??

Christ is born, let all creation glorify Him!

William Weedon said...


Lucy would rather eat some of that turkey than wear bells. :)

Fröliche Weihnachten to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Danke !!

Past Elder said...

Was? Keine Weinachtsgans?