02 April 2008


Remember that Evening Prayer will be sung at 5 p.m. on April 13th at:

Emmaus Lutheran Church
2241 S. Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri, 63104

We gather together to receive comfort and joy from the Word of God and to be strengthened by it. Prs. Weedon and Asburry will be liturgists (with Pr. Asburry preaching), and Mr. Christopher Loemker will be organist. A bratwurst dinner will be held afterwards in support of Issues, Etc. (and I hope they have HOTDOGS for those of us not enamored of brats - I told you guys I'm not a Kraut!!!).

Here's the catch: to prepare for the dinner, we need folks to register ASAP. You can do so by going to:



elephantschild said...

We're registered! Our almost-six year-old daughter will be coming with us.

Looking forward to raising the roof with song! (And putting faces with all these various names I've read over the internet!)

Hot dogs? BAH!

Sam said...

I'm there. I second your comment about Hot Dogs... I can't stand Brats... and I am a kraut.

Anonymous said...

Emmaus needs your help with the Bratwurst (and possibly Hot Dog) dinner!

If you are interested in volunteering or can make a donation toward the cost of food please contact Rebecca at rbmayes@gmail.com.

Thanks all!


Anonymous said...

anyone from Michigan going?

Benjamin J. Ulledalen said...

Any chance it will be video recorded for those of us unable to attend?

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I wish I could go.:-(

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

me too. Someone told our car that we made the last payment, and it decided that 150,000 miles was time for some rehab. It won't be done by then... :(