04 April 2008

A Krauth Gem

Not all embraced in the ideal of Christ's work are actually saved, because the work is arrested in its tendency either negatively by lack of the means appointed for its application, or positively by the natural will of those who have the means, but resist their power. So, on the other hand, not all embraced in the ideal of sin's work are actually lost, because that work is arrested on God's side by the appointed means as its antidote, and on man's side by the divinely enlightened will of those who, having these means, do not resist their power. - C. P. Krauth, *Conservative Reformation* p. 414

What I wouldn't have given to have sat at this man's feet in a lecture room and also heard him preach in Church! In fact, does anyone know if any of his sermons are available?

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Cat said...

See Repristination Press, at the bottom of the page:


Christian Liberty (1860)
by C. P. Krauth
ISBN 189146907X
60 pages, booklet

Popular Amusements: A Discourse (1851)
by C. P. Krauth
ISBN 1891469096
38 pages, booklet

Poverty: Its Perpetuality, Causes and Relief (1858)
by C. P. Krauth
ISBN 1891469061
42 pages, booklet