04 April 2008

Letters in WSJ

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Jon Furgeson said...

In looking at the disparity between the execs comments on the situation and the people, one might soundly conclude that the execs don't care what the people think because it does not fit their agenda. Secondary measures may be suitable at this time. I can think of two major ones:
1. As Rev. Brady Finnern has brought up a couple of times in earlier comments, and if Rev. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz would be wiling, what do we need to do to bring Issues, Etc. out into a show independent of the Synod? Will we put our money and effort toward not just decrying the Synod execs, but roll up our sleeves and do the work from the ground up?
2. If the people of our church bodies are angry enough about this, then we need to unite under someone who will change the administration at the top and others to change the view at other levels in the Synod in 2010. No more bickering over conservative candidates. A unified opposition can win the day.
Just a couple of thoughts.

Charles Henrickson said...

Two different events in support of "Issues Etc."--a prayer service/dinner and a public demonstration--are being planned for St. Louis on Sunday, April 13, and Monday, April 14.

On Sunday, April 13, at 5:00 p.m., there will be a prayer service at Emmaus Lutheran Church in St. Louis:

After the service, there will be a bratwurst dinner. To help in planning for the dinner, please register (by Tuesday, April 8, if possible):

On Monday, April 14, 11:00-1:00, there will be a public demonstration in support of "Issues" outside the LCMS International Center in Kirkwood. (Note: This event is not sponsored by Emmaus.)

It will be helpful to the organizers of the demonstration to know how many to expect, in order to arrange logistics of parking, carpooling, etc. Please register your intention to attend:

For those coming from out of town for both events, lodging can be arranged. Please indicate that on the registration form.

For more information and background on the cancellation of "Issues Etc." and what can be done about it, several websites have helpful information and further links:

Support of "Issues" is a movement, not a program! Spread the word!