14 September 2008

For Holy Cross Day

Faithful cross,
true sign of triumph,
Be for all
the noblest tree;
None in foliage,
none in blossom,
None in fruit
thine equal be;
Symbol of
the world's redemption
For the weight
that hung on thee!


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I always get a kick out of Lutherans and others praying to the Holy Cross like this. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

We don't pray to the holy cross. We pray to the crucified and Risen Savior who sanctified the cross with his divine blood. We may rightly honor the cross and have symbols of it to remind us of his sacrifice on our behalf.

William Weedon said...

We are apostrophizing the Holy Cross; and it is a very fitting and found throughout the Church's liturgical life.

J.G.F. said...

Speaking of Holy Cross, the proper preface (from "Holy Week") is one example of what I *DO NOT* like in LSB-- sacrificing the deep theological language of TLH's Lenten proper practice with the new user friendly version, complete with explanation of who's trees are who's.... UGHHHHHH! I find it patronizing and that the version seems to assume that our pastors or parishioners won't get the imagery of the older version.

There are other places where I have found this practice, too. I generally love the new hymnal, but there are times when I feel it is dumbed down.

IMHO they should have left that preface alone.

We used the TLH version on HC Day.


William Weedon said...


I agree 100% with the sad loss of the poetry. SOOOOOO Vatican IIish. Preachy and explaining and such. If there's one consistent fault in LSB's liturgical lingo, that's it. To make something accessible to the point of banality is just as bad as making something so obscure that you need your liturgical decoder ring to make sense of it. :)

Sean said...

mm. That's an excellent observation about the "preachy/explanation" character of LSB rites. I'm most disturbed by the substitutions offered for "let us pray". All of these sorts of things are really rubrics, which begs the question why they are being spoken. What ever happened to "Our Father" being the cue to pray the Lord's Prayer? Or "I believe in God..." for the creed?