09 September 2008


Just found out that for the third year in a row, St. Paul's will not be assigned a fieldworker from Concordia Seminary. We've had students off and on help out here in their free time, and we've appreciated it a great deal, but we miss the long-term relationships that our parish has enjoyed with seminarians (we've been in the fieldwork program since it began). I wish I understood the rationale - for I know that we've had students REQUEST St. Paul's and they have been denied. Still, I'm glad my former vicars are receiving fieldworkers, and I know that they will train them in the same love and devotion for our Lutheran Confession and our Lutheran liturgy that they experienced here at our parish.


Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

I cannot understand why the seminary would deny a student the gift of your teaching and Saint Pauls' love.

It's very very sad.

Vicar #6

Darin K. said...

So why do you think this is? I can't imagine that it's accidental.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Weedon,
You are entirely too Lutheran for Lutheran vicars.
Kyrie Eleison.

In Christ,
Floyd Bass, SSP

Chris said...

sounds like a conspiracy, Fr. Weedon. Heaven forbid that seminarian students get expsoure at a parish where the Lutheran confessions are adhered to in faith and practice. As Pr. Kieschnik would remind everyone, "It's not your grandfather's synod anymore." It sure seems like.

Rev. Jim Roemke said...

Is Utech still in charge of field work? If so then that would explain it. That man seems to relish power trips and all things non-Lutheran.

Anonymous said...

Why not give Bill Utech a call and ask him what's up?

I thank the Lord for the day during my first week at Sem StL that I walked up to Prof. Oberdieck, he asked me what sort of a field church I was interested in, I told him I was interested in learning about liturgy, and he appointed Pastor Lee Maxwell as my mentor, who became a life-long blessing to me.

Don Kirchner

William Weedon said...


I personally visited with him last year (together with Pr. Curtis and Pres. Mueller) to find out if there were something preventing me from receiving field-workers, and he assured me there was not. He received a letter from our elders this summer reminding him of our great desire to participate in this program. I'm at a bit of a loss to know the thinking behind his decision.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps the more interesting question is how many other parishes of similar distance (e.g. Ellisville) receive field workers, and if so, how many.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where I fit in the long line of field students, but I do know that I would not be the pastor I am today were it not for the blessing of spending my field ed years at St. Paul. I learned what a church ought to be, now if only I can live long enough to pass along I learned.

Wilton, IA

Anonymous said...

Rev. Weedon, very sorry to hear about this situation. What bewilders me is that you mentioned some seminarians requesting to do their work with your congregation. Why that request wasn't honored surprises me. I requested to work at a specific church in the area and it was honored. And my field work church was an absolute blessing and a joy to me. What I learned there I still use to this day. Hope you receive some suitable answers.


Christopher D. Hall said...

Oh, Pr. Weedon, Perhaps it's all about distance and trying to be good stewards of seminarian's gas money. It would be interesting if your elders approved a gas stipend for any potential field workers and see what happens.

Just a thought.

William Weedon said...

We've always paid for our seminarian's mileage. The seminary knows that.

Past Elder said...

Being outside the profession controlled by the corporate structure in question, I'll just say it:

What's happening here could not be more clear. What's lacking, as is typical in such things in any corporation, is not clarity but provability.

Todd Wilken said...


When I was in the parish, I had to have Pres. Mueller make a special request every year.

I can understand no assignment for a year here and there, but three years running? That's nonsense.

Maybe I'll contact Utech, and ask him myself.


Anonymous said...

Utech is technically an SELC Pastor. Surely he would not deny a former George Plvan vicar the opportunity to mentor future pastors. Does Jefferson Hills church get field workers? Or the coffee house church in St. Louis?

Anonymous said...

Crave Coffee Church does get field workers and vicars. I dont think Jefferson Hills does though.

- Anonymous Vicar