06 September 2008

"Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you..."

Tonight we celebrated three adult confirmations - a great joy indeed.  Welcome to the St. Paul's family and to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Maggie, Lisa and Dustin!

Fitting somehow that summer's Catechesis wrapped up with Confirmations today and that tomorrow we begin Catechesis again - 5 p.m. in the Church sanctuary we'll start our Catechism Services.  Up for tomorrow: Commandments 1 to 3 from Luke 16, Lazarus and the Rich Man.

The Christian is never done learning because Christ our Lord is never done teaching.  Always more gifts He has for us as we learn together to live under His grace, in His mercy and forgiveness, to be shaped by His love.


Scott Larkins said...

"Teaching them to observe...."

You won't beleive what I observed today in a LCMS parish. I've seen it all now.


Giant Power Point projections

Praise Band (Including Bongos)

All non-Lutheran songs

Heterodox preaching
(All Law. No Gospel)

Drive Through Supper
Have a rail. Don't use.)

Carpenter-like ditty for the Words of Institution.

I've never seen anything like it and hope I never do again.

Needless to say I walked.

St.John "Lutheran"

Mexico, Missouri


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Ugh. Why not "mark" and "avoid"? Relatives?

Scott Larkins said...

Yepper. Wifes' 99-year-old grandpa. He hates it as well. The poor man is trapped. Makes me want to weep. Actually I was ready to take the "Pastor" outside.

Scott Larkins said...

Here's the **it that fuels the **ap that my family was subjected to this Lord's Day..... In an LCMS Church.


...and they're proud of it!

St.John, Mexico, mo. has left the building.

David Rosenkoetter said...

Hi, Scott.

You wrote that you were about to take that pastor outside....Behind the wood shed? Armed with the Word? I would have walked, too, right away upon discovering the nonsense you had to endure.

William Weedon said...


Sounds atrocious. And the sad part is, I'm sure the pastor has nothing but good intentions. Still, those who engage in such pastoral shenanigans are, as a friend put it, the best recruiters for the Orthodox and Rome - they should be on THEIR payrolls!

Scott Larkins said...

When I start seeing pop-evangelical Bible studies being promoted at a Missouri Lutheran Church. It confirms my fear that this IS a theological debate we are in. Not just a question of "style". As if you could separate doctrine from practice like so many would like to claim.

Sorry for my saltly words, but I am one angry Lutheran!