14 August 2009

Since we've moved here...

...we've had so many wonderful changes. We now have a great bike path that connects Edwardsville and beyond to Staunton and runs less than a mile from our home. Hamel opened its own grocery store (and it sports a logo made by our own David). St. Paul's has opened a top-notch daycare and preschool in Hamel. Edwardsville positively bloomed: Starbucks, Kohls, Dierberg's, Office Depot, Old Navy, you name it. It's there. And great eating joints abound (still awaiting that Red Lobster, though). Edwardsville opened a second campus for their Y that is out of this world wonderful. And today the state connected Edwardsville directly to interstate 55 with the opening of Governor's Parkway leading from the interstate through the heart of "new" Edwardsville and ending at the campus of SIUE. Sweet indeed.

Still on the list of "would be nice":

A decent restaurant in Hamel (no, Weezie's doesn't count - yuck!)
A stoplight in Hamel (to prevent the wrecks by folks who don't see the stop sign!)
A Walmart Supercenter in Hamel (okay, okay, a fellow can dream, can't he?)


Anonymous said...

And for special occasions, don't forget Amy Zupanci's FOND, at 106 N. Main in Edwardsville. Great!

Past Elder said...

I either never know or had forgotten how close Hamel is to St. Louis.

My dad was born in East St Louis, grew up in Beardstown, and I still have a cousin in Effingham. Another cousin was born in Decatur but has lived in Mpls for decades. Both children of the married and converted from Methodist to RC side of the family. So was I.

William Weedon said...

Apart from the morning rush hour, we're just 30 minutes from the Poplar Street bridge into downtown St. Louis.