15 August 2009

Wise Words

from Pastor David Jay Webber:

Upcoming ELCA Convention


Anonymous said...

Which is worse? The homosexual issue or the altar/pulpit fellowship issue?

I would say...Fellowship with a church body that denies the real presence and baptism saving us.

This won't get much coverage from the media, however.

Pastor Zip said...

(Sigh!) Not only will it not get any media coverage, the proposed full communion agreement with the United Methodist Church won't likely get any serious discussion at the Assembly itself. The drumbeat for "full inclusion" will be just too loud hear anything else. And while as wrong-headed as the sexuality recommendations are, losing any sense of Sacraments or the Means of Grace is terribly serious business. Pray for us, during and after this Assembly.

The Rev. Steven P. Tibbetts, STS

William Weedon said...

Prayers do arise for you all this week, Fr. Know that we're praying and also waiting with baited breath to see what will come of the assembly. Still we'll be be praying:

For the peace of the whole world, *for the wellbeing of the church of God* and for the unity of all, let us pray to the Lord: Lord, have mercy!