21 August 2009

There are no words...

...to express the sadness of what has transpired in Minneapolis. My dear friend, Pr. John Fleischmann, speaks for me too:

With Deepest Regret

That the Church of Krauth, of Jacobs, of Tappert and Reed should so end. Lord, have mercy!


bajaye said...

Even though I have been away from it now for fifteen years, the ELCA (specifically the LCA and the old Augustana Synod before that) was the tradition that formed me; a tradition for which I give thanks. Everyone knew what was going to happen yesterday. Yet sitting there, watching the tragedy unfold via streaming video, my wife and I were filled with grief. It was a death.

I must also confess how moved I was by many of the minority voices who stood at the microphones. The Word of God may have been officially ignored in Minneapolis yesterday, but God was not silent. The Lord spoke clearly through his faithful servants, through his prophets and, yes, even through the storm.


William Tighe said...

Sad, I agree, but also inevitable; we see once again how WO, like an anti-christian "John the Baptist," heralds the advent of SS.

Unknown said...

In the sadness that ensues, we should take the moment to engage in deep (self)reflection on the historical developments that have culminated in this decision by the ELCA

Pax et Deo gratia

Past Elder said...

It may be sad, but there is no point going on about that. As Omar and Dr Tighe refer to, this has been coming for years and other "sad" things went before it, and unless we want to find ourselves in the position down the road, we will wake up to that instead of producing the same facile gloss-overs now coming from ELCA.