16 August 2009


Cookout and some Liverpool with Jo and Dave, Bekah and David. LEW, you and Dean should come up too!

Tomorrow, back to work! I'm eager for it too. Isn't it odd how 1 week's vacation isn't enough and 2 week's is too much? Maybe 10 days is the perfect amount.


BW said...

Why Rev. Weedon, are you a Liverpool FC fan too??

William Weedon said...


Behave yourself. Me genoito!

However, I might point out that although Jo won the first round, yours truly won the second. And it's the final game that counts, right?

Anonymous said...

Jiminy Cricket! She won AGAIN!? What has gotten into her lately...

BW said...

Rev. Weedon,

I should apologize for the confusion and drive by comment. My name is Brett and I have been reading your blog for many months now.

I was just wondering if by Liverpool, you meant the English Premier League soccer team, because when I got home from the Divine Service yesterday, I watched it? I have just started following the Liverpool team and I enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Ack, him, watch sports? Ha! What a joke...we could barely get him to our games...I think the only sports he's ever watched on TV were when the Cardinals were in the World Series...and the Rams in the Super Bowl... (maybe...)

Liverpool is a card game! A very fun card game! Of which...he rarely wins.