16 August 2009

Starck's Prayer Book...

...in modestly updated language! Coming soon (by Reformation) from Concordia Publishing House, and modified by yours truly. All you Authorized Version types, don't bother buying. Stick to Dau; it will make you happier. But for the rest of you who appreciate more contemporary English and the hymns of our Lutheran Service Book, this will be a great addition to your essential Lutheran library. Here's just a teasing taste of what you'll find for Sunday evening:


Lord, abide with me; for it is towards evening and the day is now far spent. O living and almighty God, Your works are past finding out and the goodness You show our human race is beyond all telling! I will tell of Your grace and truth, of Your love and mercy; for You have me shown me in the day now past much kindness in body and soul. You have fed my soul with the bread of life. You have let me drink from the living fountain. Your Word has been sweeter than honey to my mouth. Let Your Word always be a light on way all my days, that I may order my walk according to it; then I will not stumble or fall from Your grace.

You have also been my Deliverer, my Comforter. In temporal matters, You have allowed to live in good health until this evening. I am not worthy of all the mercies Your love has showered on me. Come to my side, O Protector, now that my weary limbs lie down to rest. Guard me and embrace me in Your sheltering arms. Let me always be a light in the Lord, and let me never have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. Grant that Your Word that I have heard and learned may in the future spring up within me as a holy seed. Grant that its fruits may be perceived in my life, by godliness, by fear of You, by being dead to the world and dedicated to You alone. Be my Protection and my Shade against the heat of affliction and the fiery darts of Satan. The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Turn from me and my family fires, floods, and every misfortune, and let all who are in sorrow, sickness, or on the point of death enjoy Your rich grace. Then our mouth will be filled with Your praise at the break of day, and we will tell of Your goodness, which You have shown us in body and soul.

If I have not heard Your Word with the zeal I ought to have had, forgive me, and do not on that account withdraw Your grace from me. During the coming week, cause me to be entirely renewed. Give me new love and desire for You, and new eagerness to serve and obey You. Grant that I may avoid and flee the sins that I have committed during the past week, in order that everyone will see that I have not heard Your Word in vain. Help me to ponder diligently that I have an immortal soul, in order that I may be more concerned about my soul than my body. O my God, I am turning my eyes to Your resting-place; in doing so I remember my grave, where I shall rest until on the Last Day You raise me up with joy to the life that never ends. Go, then, my body, into your chamber and rest; but you, O my soul, enter into the wounds of Jesus.


O Christ, who art the light and day,
Thou drivest night and gloom away;
O Light of Light, whose Word doth show
The light of heav’n to us below.

All-holy Lord, in humble prayer
We ask tonight Thy watchful care.
O grant us calm repose in Thee,
A quiet night from perils free.

Our sleep be pure from sinful stain;
Let not the tempter vantage gain
Or our unguarded flesh surprise
And make us guilty in Thine eyes.

Asleep though wearied eyes may be,
Still keep the heart awake to Thee;
Let Thy right hand outstretched above
Guard those who serve the Lord they love.
LSB 882:1-4

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Rev. Shane R. Cota, SSP said...

I'm sure glad I got a copy of that Pietistic prayer book before you modernizers got a hold of it! ;-)