07 April 2010

I dearly love

the Gospel reading for this morning's Divine Service - John 21. And the Dudley-Smith hymn in LSB (485) totally captures it:

Christ is risen! Grief and sighing,
Sins and sorrows fall behind;
Fear and failure, doubt, denying,
Full and free forgiveness find.
All the soul's dark night is past,
Morning breaks in joy at last.

Morning breaks and Jesus meets us,
Feeds and comforts, pardons still;
As His faithful friends He greets us,
Partners of His work and will.
All our days on ev'ry shore,
Christ is ours forevermore!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Pr. Weedon, a wonderful hymn.

For anyone using the three year lectionary, John 21 comes up as the Gospel lesson on the Third Sunday of Easter, 18 April. Long Before the World is Waking, LSB 485, will be our opening hymn that Sunday.

Pr. John Rutz