26 April 2010

Okay, Lesson #11

of Financial Peace University has been my favorite...so far. It recalled to mind a conversation from many, many years ago with Mel. I remember telling him that I absolutely LOVED being a pastor and couldn't imagine for a second doing anything else. He told me that I was blessed; and that most people actually hated what they do. I remember being so shocked. Surely not, I said. He laughed and said: "Pastor, you've got a lot to learn on that. It's true. Most people hate what they do." Mel may well have been right, but I think Ramsey hits the nail on the head when he stresses that a person doing what he or she is passionate about is the key to contentment in work and to intensity at work. I love what I do because I do what I love.


RPW said...

Yeah, my husband loved that one, too.

Jon said...

I think work, when it is something you hate, is sometimes a temporal punishment for sin. As in one departing from their first love and paying the price for it.