26 April 2010

Oh, and scrounging

around in the innards of my computer and dumping junk files has resulted in amazing savings. I went from having 7 gigs free (yikes!) to having more than 80 gigs free. I feel like my MacBook just got a new lease on life!


Sean said...

can you give me any tips on where to eliminate big chunks? I need to do the same. sean at daenzer dot org

William Weedon said...

Yikes, not very easily. I will say that hunting down all the Parallels stuff and dumping it was a significant gain - went to Bootcamp instead.

Anonymous said...

not the news I wanted to hear. I don't even have Parallels to deal with :\


William Weedon said...


I'd have to think about where I looked: I emptied a lot of pics from iPhoto that I didn't want, but had never sorted. I emptied some music I no longer listen to. I found in the library a download cache that had stuff that was duplicated from where I'd saved it elsewhere and dumped that. Went through the preference files and dumped all those from apps I no longer have or use.