09 April 2010

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

You arose in a glorified body. Your wounds and nail-prints are no longer bloody, nor did they cause you pain, but were radiant like the sun. Thus my body also will be transformed and glorified when You waken me from the dust. -- Starck's Prayer Book, p. 90

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Rev. Allen Yount said...

I just got my copy of the new Starck's this morning. I haven't much of a chance to thumb through it.
One thing I have noticed is the better hymn selections. One hymn/song in the old Concordia edition that I've never cared for is the one on p. 4 of the old ed: "My book! My book! My Grand Old Book!". Not that there's anything wrong with what it says about the Bible being a "sword," a "staff" or a "chart." It just strikes me as more Baptist than Lutheran.

Now watch: it will turn out that song is found in early Lutheran hymnals and I'll catch a lot of flak. Oh, well...:)