02 June 2010

Absolutely fascinating

to read the contrasting statements from Pastor Harrison and Pastor Kieschnick that Scott provides here.  Check it out; I think it says everything that needs to be said.

Update:  the entire set of answers by all the candidates may be read here. Hmm, to quote Sesame Street again: One of these things is not like the other things... [Fisk, you're really in trouble for putting that danged song back into my head!!!]


Paul said...

My favorite quote: "Part of me might like the massive increase in power proposed for the Synod President. That’s why it’s not a good idea." -- Matt Harrison. A dynamic study in contrasts. The Holy Spirit must be thanked for allowing these comments to see the light of day, something I wasn't sure would happen. Thanks also to Dr. Norman Nagel for shaping a truly Christ-centered, cross-focused vision of the church.

Chris said...

I find it interesting that none of the questions dealt specifically with Ablaze!. I also found it interesting that the questions were asked in such a way that to discuss modern innovations such as praise worship, women serving communion, etc. could not even brought up.

I really fail to see how both candidates could see the LCMS as "healthy" considering the internal theological and practical problems throughout the country.

Mark said...

What delights me about the Harrison responses is how deeply suffused with scripture they are. Even without the citations making certain texts explicit, I'd think that deep sense of being formed by the Bible would be evident.

From the perspective of an outsider to LCMS life, with Harrison it seems to me that you have a vibrant future.