18 July 2010

About SID

With the election of our own District President, Herbert Mueller, to the First Vice-Presidency of Synod, Pastor Timothy Scharr will assume the presidency of our District.  President Mueller said on more than one occasion that he could accept serving at the Synodical level with peace, knowing that his beloved Southern Illinois District would be in good hands.  He is absolutely correct.  I am delighted to welcome Pastor Timothy Scharr as our new president, our bishop in Christ.  May the Lord richly bless his service to the people of this district - and the time of transition (both at Synodical and District levels)!

P.S.  I think Pr. Scharr is the tallest president SID has ever had!


Rev. David M. Juhl said...

One could not ask for a better district president. God's blessings to my friend Tim Scharr!

Anonymous said...

How tall is Rev. Scharr? Just out of curiousity, how tall is President-Elect Harrison? I couldn't believe how tall he looked on the video of his first speech on youtube. If President Kieschnick is of average height, my husband and I estimated he had to be at least 6 foot 5 inches.

Bethany Kilcrease

William Weedon said...

I think President K is just a tad shorter than I - and I'm at 5-10. President-elect is, I would guess, about 6-3 or 4? He looks very big next to President K because President K (like me) is rather slight.

William Weedon said...

P.S. I think Pastor Scharr is about the same size as President-elect, but maybe a tad taller?