18 July 2010

One thought about convention

is that the delegates seemed to be in favor of streamlining the way things work out of the International Center, but in general opposed to changing the way things work closer to home: in circuits and such.


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

It makes sense - we see our own local place, we can tell what we are doing with the limited funds we have, or our circuit has. But what do we see National doing with its budget. . . we don't see a lot, and if we do see something, we have to pay extra for it. . . so "what good is it?"

I think the fact that congregations have been sold things on the national level. . . and then have to pay for it has soured lots of folks.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I used your observation in Bible Class this morning (and touted your election among others, especially Stewart Crown's, as examples of how well elections went). Thanks for making it - I think it summed up the convention rather well.

Paul said...

"What shall be done for the man the King desires to honor?"