11 July 2010

Sitting in Houston...

The convention voted to decline an amendment that would have moved up presidential vote.  So we will proceed by listening to Floor Committee 8 do their presentation and answer questions regarding the massive restructuring proposals.  The opening worship section was a mix of a Lutheran divine service, a charismatic worship experience, and a rock concert.  It led me to pray a lot of Kyrie eleisons.... Pastor Pilli is here somewhere and I really hope to run into him.  Have got to catch up with a bunch of friends, but not nearly so many as I know are here.  Finding folks is always a challenge.  You all keep praying for our Synod and that God's good and gracious will be done!


Steve said...

Hi Pastor,
Just thought we'd let you know we're on vacation too and while traveling through Philly we stopped at Grace Lutheran Church and Pastor Ray led a wonderful Divine Worship complete with Sacrament and a wonderful Law and Gospel sermon. We didn't get a rock concert but truly are the better for it.

Steve and Bonnie Foxx

Becky said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Pastor.

Scott Larkins said...

Game over man. Game over!

Aliens (1986) Convention (2010)

Kyrie Eleison Indeed!

The beginning of the end.

Ted Badje said...

It was a very sad day when Synodical leaders chose to listen to business consultants rather than engaging God in prayer over structural issues.

David Garner said...

Missouri is in our prayers as she meets in convention. A quick question, Pastor Weedon -- why not have the convention attendees attend services at local LCMS churches rather than having a "convention Divine Service?" I understand the desire of CG/CW people to have the pomp and circumstance of a convention "service," but this has gone on before in other administrations, has it not? Just curious as to why the need for a "convention" service when there are (or presumably should be) local congregations. Is it merely convenience (which is understandable), or something else?

Boaz said...

Everthing in divine service should point to Christ, and I'm at a total loss how a crystal pagan idol on the altar does that. That was an abomination.

But otherthan that, I couldn't say anything contradicted the Gospel or doctrine.

Except that combo kyrie and confession, I thin it misunderstands the purpose of the kyrie.

I liked the guitar on thy strong word, that's a driving hymn that can support an inprovised interlude.

Aesthetically, I don't like it. The soft rock contemporary sound is just too effeminate for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Divine Service online...
I did not like the mixed Kyrie with the Confession and Absolution.

I liked the Alleluia with the children's choir.

I can never understand the "mournful praise" when contemporary arrangements of hymns like "Thy Strong Word" slow down the tempo of a great hymn to a funeral dirge...


Past Elder said...

The kyrie is what remains in the Western Liturgy of petitionary prayers still intact in the Eastern Liturgy. We (the West) have the Lord, have mercy response to the petitions, with no petition. That is why it is often mistaken for something penitential.

WELS went so far as to relocate the Kyrie in their current version of the Common Service so it is part of the Confession and Absolution.

Rome of course is the mother of this error, since the novus ordo hacks it completely apart, inserting penitential rather than petitionary words before each Lord, have mercy. Thus

For the times we have (insert sin of choice, preferably social),
Lord, have mercy
Repeat three times like a Kyrie.

At least our novus ordo wannabe new orders corrected that, by preserving the opening words from the East, In peace let us pray to the Lord, then its first few petitions.

Now that's gone too? So we let in by the back door from Rome the contemporary aberrations we try to keep out the front door from American "evangelicalism"?

Larry Luder said...

I watched the Show online...
I briefly watched each of the clip and can’t rightly call what I saw a Divine Service. Everyone including Rev. Weedon was far too kind in words. Sorry, I’m just a poor miserable sinner and a beggar. I wouldn’t be able to worship in Truth and Spirit under those condition and just need his gifts to keep me on the righteous path. What do I know, maybe God likes a to watch the show every now and then and not Divinely Service his children.

Anonymous said...

I am watching it right now online and I can't believe there was more guitars and drums and rock band singing...It gave me a headache.

Scott Larkins said...

Finished watching the horror online.

Three decades late and a dollar short. Reminds me of the sappy 1970's felt banner post VII crap I grew up with. Makes me sick to see the LCMS worship the Zeitgeist.

Please, please read this!
Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to the Idol of Relevance

Find the Real LCMS!


Jim Huffman said...

I would suggest, Mr. Larkins, that we have found the real LCMS. And because of where it happened, no one can argue that it was a fluke, an aberration, or whatever. No, it happened right in the middle of the convention.

What people do with this information is another question. But this is, sad to say, the real deal.

Paul said...

not my grandfather's church, not my Lord's church, not my church

Anonymous said...

Is there anything from american evangelicalism that lcms inc. has tried to keep out???