16 July 2010

Friday Evening

Whew!  Almost a clean sweep for the United List candidates.  Kind of amazing, and indicating - I think - a tidal change in Missouri.  We'll have to see, though, how it all pans out.  Yours truly was elected to the Board of Regents of Concordia University - Chicago (i.e., RF).  Already learned when the first meetings are from Bishop Gilbert of NID.  So many, many questions remain even about resolutions we approve.  Today there were a couple of surprises.  I am thinking that FC 8 was not exactly happy with the assembly when they insisted that circuits are local and when they flat out refused to allow giving preference to overtures that come from entities other than congregations.  Tonight will be a great, great joy:  dinner with Sagar and Malini Pilli (and Malini is pregnant!).  We'll see what tomorrow will bring.  I'm anxious to get BACK HOME and take a few weeks off.  This has been insane.


mlorfeld said...

It was interesting checking in from time to time... though 2 out of the 5 times (I think) were red chair videos... :( ... I actually thought the logic behind giving preferential treatment to circuit/district overtures... that one should be able to give a convincing case to the circuit/district... but eh... that's history, and low on the list of things I cared about at this convention... still concerned regarding the Art. II resolution... though a simple putting the statement of faith after the confessional basis would acceptable (so as not to give entry to Gospel reductionism).

Elephantschild said...

My Dh gets home tonight if no thunderstorms interfere with flight plans. He goes back to work Tues.

I'm glad he served at such a historic convention, but I wish he hadn't had to give up his only vacation time to do it. Waaaaa...

Congratulations on your election, Pr. Weedon. Thank you for serving.

Jeremy Loesch said...

Alright Regent Weedon. I'm an alumnus of Concordia University, River Forest. Does this mean you work for me? (I think it does, BTW.)

Here are something for you to work on:
1. Push the Kapelle to record some CDs.
2. Rename the history department The Nielsen/Stadtwald Department of Historical Studies (or something like that.)
3. Full exoneration from the Great Shopping Cart Fiasco of 1995.

I'd appreciate all this.

Dave Lambert said...

Congratulations on your election!