07 December 2010

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

A Christian follows the example of Christ, but this does not make a Christian.  He is a Christian who has the gift which is Christ. -- Dr. Norman Nagel, Luther for an Ecumenical Age:  Essays in Commemoration of the 450th Anniversary of the Reformation, p. 191.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean? One could spend a lot of time in church...but not be in Christ. Like a guy, could hang out in his garage a lot, but it does not make him a Ford Mustang or a vehicle of his choice?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1: Even unbelievers might "follow the example of Christ" as much as they dare, but this does not make them Christians either. As for Christians, moral behavior is not the definition of the faith; having received the gift of Jesus Himself through faith is what makes them Christians. Or so I read this quote.

Anonymous said...

To be in Christ is to be given new
life in the crucified and resurrected
Christ by the power of the Holy
Spirit. This empowers us to be like
Christ, as we forgive others as He
has forgiven us, and to love others
unconditionally as He loves us.