26 December 2010

Remember, O Lord,

all those who feel lonely in these days, who have no family surrounding them with love and bringing them joy, or who live and serve far away from their family.

Remember all who grieve for beloved faces long since vanished and voices stilled forever in this age.

Remember all who endure persistent pain and can find no relief.

Remember all who struggle with failing bodies, decreased abilities, tattered memories.

Remember all who have never known true love and who fear that it may not even exist.

Remember all who have been assaulted and to whom fear is a constant unwanted guest.

Remember all who suffered tremendous loss of earthly goods through fire or flood.

Remember them all, O Lover of Mankind, and bring to each hurting, troubled, aching heart that peace and healing which Your boundless love in Jesus Christ alone can bring,  for we ask it in His name, Who came among us to know our human woe and to free us from its power to destroy us, Who has loved with "a love everlasting, deep, divine." (Akathist of Thanksgiving)  Amen.


Sue said...

Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to copy it and add it to my collection of favorite prayers and verses.

Anonymous said...

Will, as I look up the Akathist of Thanksgiving, I do not find these remembrances.... where is your source? Wonderful lines worth digging into a Christmas Intercession, if my retirement does not find me sidelined next year as far as Worship prep. Harvey

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Thank you.

William Weedon said...


Just the line "love everlasting, deep, divine" is from the Akathist. I once read a tentative definition of poetry that said it is words put together in such a way that you cannot dislodge them from your heart and mind. Those words from the Akathist have stuck with me through the years that way.

Past Elder said...

The text itself doesn't sound like an Akathist to me, but, Googleing it, this post comes up number 4 on the list and the only match.

So you made it to the top of Google!