12 December 2010

Whew! What a cold and snowy Gaudete!

Still, unlike many to the north, I suspect, we were able to hold Divine Service and receive the Lord's good gifts.  Ladies Aid/LWML Christmas party is this afternoon at 1:30 - I doubt if many of our older ladies will make it out in this.  Still ahead is Catechism service (we'll see who if any can make it) and the Daycare/Preschool Christmas program (again, we'll see who makes it).  Wind is driving the snow every which way out there.  Traffic is moving fairly slowly along the highway.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on Wil, two out of three may have canceled and it may have been 3 degrees above but with a wind chill of about thirty below but the third church had service this morning. Most of the regulars came too! At least some of those missing were out of town too!
Benjamin Pollock
Odessa, MN

Past Elder said...

It was real cold but the other stuff had passed by Sunday morning, but still, attendance was down. But you don't find that Viking thing here in Nebraska. Where I grew up in MN when Winter comes they love it, build ice sculptures and have a festival! Our drive-through Nativity, with live players, scheduled for Saturday, got boofed due to the wind blowing snow all over hell, and the cold.