23 December 2010

The Sequence for Holy Christmas Day - Magdeburg 1613

Born before the world, 
the Son of God, without limit,
Through whom heaven, earth, and sea were made, 
and all things that dwell therein,
Through whom the days and hours 
flicker and are rekindled,
Whom the angels in the celestial realm 
continually proclaim with harmonious voice,
He had taken on a feeble body
-without the stain of original sin, 
from the flesh of the Virgin Mary-
through which the guilt of the first parent 
and the lust of Eve might be wiped clean.
Hence the present short day, 
this day of brilliant light, 
speaks forth, 
growing in length, 
because the true Sun, 
the newly begotten Son, 
by the rays of its light, 
has expelled the long-standing darkness.
Neither did the night lack the light of the new star, 
for it struck fear in the knowing eyes of the Magi
Nor was the light invisible to the shepherds, 
for they were awestruck 
by the glory of the heavenly host.
Rejoice, O Mother of God, 
whom, in place of a midwife, 
angels surround singing of God's glory.
O Christ, only begotten of the Father, 
who has taken human form for our sake, 
restore your humble servants;
And as you, clement Jesus, 
participated in their lot and deigned to receive their prayers,
so deign also to make them participants in your divinity, 
O only begotten of God!


Paul said...

Delightful! When would it have been used in the Divine Service?

William Weedon said...

It follows the Alleluia.