03 January 2012

A Primal Diet Day?

We just had just great food today, I had to blog about it.  This a.m. with steaming hot coffee, we enjoyed a spinach omelet with cheese and onions.  Come lunch time, Cindi made some bison steaks and I fixed some cauliflower with a coconut-lime-almond butter sauce - we wrapped up with a handful of nuts and a square of 85% dark chocolate.  Bekah and David joined us for lunch, so we cut the bison steaks in half and they were more than enough.  But boy were they rare - and exceedingly tasty.  Another handful of nuts here or there during the day with several cups of hot tea.  Tonight's meal was left-over chili (a fabulous recipe - made with beef, bacon, carrots, and a bit of cocoa powder, of all things!) and some Lebanese cabbage salad (think more garlic and salt than any person has the right to enjoy) that she prepared this afternoon.  All told, it was absolutely delicious from start to finish.  Oh, and tonight will feature the mandatory glass of red wine.  I think Pinot Noir.  What a fun way to EAT!


James said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories were when the grandparents visited for the day and we had a wonderful roast. Everything would be made from scratch. Lunch/early dinner would last a couple of hours. There is something to be said about sharing an elaborate home-cooked dinner with loved ones, when no one is in a hurry.

I would imagine you would have to drive deep into St. Louis for bison steak. If you ever get the chance, ostrich steak is also delicious. I would eat more vegetables besides the usual boring green beans and corn if I knew how to cook them.

I think God wants us to take the time to reflect upon all of our many blessings over dinner without having to gorge ourselves in front of the football game.

William Weedon said...

We have bison just outside of Bethalto, only a few miles away, actually! And definitely vegetables are more interesting when branching out from green beans and corn - some of my favorites:

(today even!) broccoli with almonds in butter
asparagus with butter and petter
salads with everything but the kitchen sink and home-made dressing (ranch or caesar)
oven fried sweet tater fries
squash and onions (oh, really, anything and onions)
cabbage (fried up or in a Lebanese garlic sauce)

--helen said...

Which reminds me that I have not considerd supper yet (!) and I bought asparagus with the intent of eating it today... with butter. :)

William Weedon said...

Asparagus in butter and lots of pepper...YUM! Enjoy, Helen!