29 January 2012

Weekend's Wrap

Friday found Cindi and I headed off to Chicago for a Board of Regents meeting at Concordia University-Chicago (aka, River Forest!).  Cindi met up with Kim Sales (wife of another regent, Angel Jesus Sales) and had a great time visiting, shopping, and proselytizing for primal blueprint.  The regents meeting ran longer than usual and it was a dash home in order to make the Saturday service.  Cindi and Carlo had worked up a lovely Haydn "Benedictus qui venit" that was sung during Distribution at all the services this weekend.  After services on Sunday, we quickly prepared breakfast (sweet taters with onions, bacon, sausage, eggs, and left-over cranberry muffins) and then Dave and Jo joined us.  Dave was the big winner today at Liverpool - it made Jo's day as I'm sure you can imagine.  After Catechism Service, Cindi and I sat down to a quick meal of pickled herring, sliced avocado with salsa, dubliner cheese, and half a banana.  Then back to work trying to schedule the activities for this week (and sending out bulletin for next Sunday and such).  God willing, after teaching at TSP and leading our preschool Chapel, tomorrow I will finish communion to the homebound and baptize Craig and Maggie's newest at the hospital before the day's done.

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Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good Primal fight, Pastor Weedon!

My husband and I have been primal for 2 years now and have never felt better, besides having many nagging chronic health problems disappear.