31 January 2012


Words fail.  I think of our MASSIVE prayer list on Sundays. I think of all the folks with young children.  I think of members of my own family.  You ALL need to spend the 20 minutes or so it takes to see this video.

HT:  Mark's Daily Apple


Rebekah said...

My mom has primary progressive MS and was on a diet very similar to this for years . . . the mileage, it varies. :/ The Bioness L300 Foot Drop System has finally allowed her to make some headway with her mobility (and is a MARVEL to behold in action).

Keith Clow said...

Kale! Grew 16 organic plants of Red Russian Kale (beautiful blue-green plant with purple-red veins and deeply serrated leaves) and we ate Kale all summer while wife was pregnant. I had enough to give away to the neighbors and freeze ten pounds! for this winter. This spring going to grow a few Red Russian and try the Italian heirloom variety, Lacinato, (the video had a slide of Lacinato in it). I balked at the flavor of Kale at first, but sauteing in garlic and olive oil or in oyster sauce and soy sauce makes it a tasty addition to the meal.

Al Bergstrazer said...

She states there was trial research to be released in 2011, are there any links to this research?