23 August 2012

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

The Christian mysteries (1 Cor. 4:1) are the very opposite of all mystagogical mumbo-jumbo. They are not a secret doctrine muttered darkly among the few in the know. They are rather the saving secrets of God, utterly inaccessible to all human ingenuity, yet freely revealed and publicly proclaimed in the "mystery of the Gospel."—Pr. Kurt Marquart, The Church, p. 5.

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Joanne said...

I would agree that the mystery of the Gospel as preached from our pulpits, and the mystery of Baptism are both for public performance and proclamation, and are not secrets.

However, I believe that the mystery of the body and the blood of Christ, although not hidden nor secret, is also not for the public to watch, but is for the family of believers only. Dismiss your strangers and catechumen before you proceed to celebrate the family meal.

You hear how hard it is to maintain closed communion. It's because many want to eat in front of guests and strangers and not offer them anything to eat. That is a horrible breach of etiquette. If they won't be offered the meal, why should they still be there?

From what I've read the "Ita missa est" was spoken twice during the service, first at the break between the Service of the Word and the Service of the Altar, and then at the very end when all are dismissed.

We'll have much more success with family only communion if we simply and politely, control who is there when we call the family to approach the table.