03 August 2012

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

There is no authority outside of that Word. Perhaps that statement should be modified to read: "Since 1969 we have learned how to have a political party playing a political game to keep the church orthodox and pure and holy." With these devises, we can set in motion all sorts of shenanigans. A naughty acid has been turned loose on the fabric of the synod, and it will take two generations of suffering pastors and congregations before that acid is sweat out of our lives. But it must be sweat out. We have no authority but that Word. All we can do is say it—and suffer and pray and weep. And we must wait with hope, knowing that the labor in the Lord is not in vain. We are exactly like the Lord. We are as impotent and as powerful as He was and is. —Dr. Kenneth Korby, The Pastoral Office and the Priesthood of Believers, Lord Jesus Christ, Will You Not Stay, p.365.

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